NWT Welcome Sign

Reaction’s scope of service extends throughout Canada with projects being done in the Northern Territories and throughout Canadas various provinces. 

One of our projects in the NWT was the piling foundation for a large welcome sign. The client required a pile foundation that would extend high enough in the air to provide visibility while maintaining the stability of the sign.

While the vertical loading on the sign was minimal, the large area of the sign and the height it was above the ground created large wind loading that needed to be resisted by the foundation. Reaction engineers worked at designing a pile of adequate install depth and diameter to support the sign, and due to the exposure of the sign and piles also opted for a galvanized design. Reaction installation crews were required to install all piles within extremely tight tolerances as the flat sign was already built and couldn’t be bent to connect to each of the supports. The experience and attention to detail of the installation crew helped this project progress successfully and allow for a seamless sign installation.

Copperhaven School (K-9)

Reaction has installed thousands of piles for various modular projects including work camps, mobile homes, and school portables.

Copperhaven School (K-9) was expanding its school footprint to house the increasing student population and required a product to support the portables. Reaction worked with the client to provide a screw pile design that would support the loading, allow for adequate support for closely spaced portable units, and mitigate corrosion on the screw piles for years to come.

This project included the installation of galvanized piles based on the project lifespan requirements and the geotechnical report information. Reaction performed a winter installation and used pre-drilling where necessary to penetrate the frost in the soil. Using a combination of battered and vertical piles, and flat cap and beam connections, Reaction was able to provide the client with a solid foundation ahead of schedule and under budget.

AHS Renal Dialysis Unit

Not all projects allow for open site access. The AHS Renal Dialysis Unit was to be installed inside of an existing building, and with substantial loading requirements the client needed a foundation solution that would be both economical and feasible. Originally designed with belled piles, the client wanted to look for alternatives that allow for small equipment to enter and exit the building and install the foundation given the height restrictions.

Reaction engineers worked on a design including battered and vertical piles with concrete pile caps, while utilizing various machines for the various height restrictions in the building. Reaction incorporated the expertise of its operators to work on a design and install strategy that would allow for the most efficient and safe installation. Reaction was able to work inside the building amongst other trades to complete the pile installation that would go on to sufficiently support the Renal Dialysis Unit at a fraction of the cost of the belled pile option.

Yellowhead Overpass Retaining Wall

Often, screw pile installation equipment is not the only type of equipment required to complete a foundation package.  There are almost always welding requirements, and often hydrovac requirements as well to ensure the screw piles are being installed in a safe location free of underground utilities.  Reaction provides services for the design, supply, fabrication, and installation of screw piles as well as associated scopes of work such as welding and hydrovac in our other divisions.  For a number of projects all divisions work together providing the client with a one stop shop for their foundation and earth work requirements.

One such project was a retaining wall in Edmonton, AB.  Reaction was presented with a requirement from the client to install large diameter piles to form a timber lagging and screw pile retaining wall system to allow for safely widening the road.  This had to be done quickly, as the client was waiting for this structure to be completed before continuing with their scope.  Reaction worked together with the client to come up with a screw pile segmented install procedure to allow for the use of one of our larger rigs underneath the low overpass.  Reaction provided all parts of the wall from the screw pile installation including the welded connections, to the hydrovac trenching of the soil for the timber lagging and the construction of the lagging between the piles.  Working around the clock, Reaction was able to complete this project to the tight schedule requirements of the client and allow them to continue the road widening safely with minimal delay.

Town Of Calmar New Office And Shop Facility

A large portion of our projects require a lot of teamwork between the client and Reaction personnel prior to the project start. Reaction always strives to come up with the best solution with the client prior to beginning the fabrication stage to avoid excessive cost and downtime with avoidable changes. Reaction worked with the client on this project to come up with a streamlined design. This included completing a load test to increase our certainty with the piles prior to completion of the design phase. It also included meeting with other trades and discussing a plan for installation that would be efficient for all parties.

Moving into the construction phase, Reaction methodically completed the project in stages to install piles according to the client’s schedule so that the next scope could follow immediately behind us keeping the project on schedule. This project had double and triple battered pile locations for load requirements and Reaction crews precisely installed each pile so the pile cap connection could encompass all components of the pile group. Reactions attention to detail throughout the entire project ensured that no portion of the installation needed to be done twice, and the project benefited from the use of teamwork across all parties involved.