Town Of Calmar New Office And Shop Facility

A large portion of our projects require a lot of teamwork between the client and Reaction personnel prior to the project start. Reaction always strives to come up with the best solution with the client prior to beginning the fabrication stage to avoid excessive cost and downtime with avoidable changes. Reaction worked with the client on this project to come up with a streamlined design. This included completing a load test to increase our certainty with the piles prior to completion of the design phase. It also included meeting with other trades and discussing a plan for installation that would be efficient for all parties.

Moving into the construction phase, Reaction methodically completed the project in stages to install piles according to the client’s schedule so that the next scope could follow immediately behind us keeping the project on schedule. This project had double and triple battered pile locations for load requirements and Reaction crews precisely installed each pile so the pile cap connection could encompass all components of the pile group. Reactions attention to detail throughout the entire project ensured that no portion of the installation needed to be done twice, and the project benefited from the use of teamwork across all parties involved.

Project Details

Calmar, AB