Copperhaven School (K-9)

Reaction has installed thousands of piles for various modular projects including work camps, mobile homes, and school portables.

Copperhaven School (K-9) was expanding its school footprint to house the increasing student population and required a product to support the portables. Reaction worked with the client to provide a screw pile design that would support the loading, allow for adequate support for closely spaced portable units, and mitigate corrosion on the screw piles for years to come.

This project included the installation of galvanized piles based on the project lifespan requirements and the geotechnical report information. Reaction performed a winter installation and used pre-drilling where necessary to penetrate the frost in the soil. Using a combination of battered and vertical piles, and flat cap and beam connections, Reaction was able to provide the client with a solid foundation ahead of schedule and under budget.

Project Details

Spruce Grove, AB