NWT Welcome Sign

Reaction’s scope of service extends throughout Canada with projects being done in the Northern Territories and throughout Canadas various provinces. 

One of our projects in the NWT was the piling foundation for a large welcome sign. The client required a pile foundation that would extend high enough in the air to provide visibility while maintaining the stability of the sign.

While the vertical loading on the sign was minimal, the large area of the sign and the height it was above the ground created large wind loading that needed to be resisted by the foundation. Reaction engineers worked at designing a pile of adequate install depth and diameter to support the sign, and due to the exposure of the sign and piles also opted for a galvanized design. Reaction installation crews were required to install all piles within extremely tight tolerances as the flat sign was already built and couldn’t be bent to connect to each of the supports. The experience and attention to detail of the installation crew helped this project progress successfully and allow for a seamless sign installation.

Project Details

Highway 77, NWT Border