St. Albert Storm Outfalls

The piling scope of a project can vary drastically from job to job and this project showcases how Reaction utilized extremely careful installation techniques and design approaches to complete the unique installation of several Storm Outfalls for The City of St. Albert.

Reaction was posed a problem requiring the installation of piles into a deep excavation. The soil conditions in this region required a deep foundation including piles with multiple welded extensions to achieve capacity requirements. Working with the client, Reaction was able to come up with a screw pile design that would support the loads while maintaining the constructability that is required for our operators to perform a safe and efficient installation.

Communication is key in every project, and each project requires communication in a variety of ways. In order to maintain constant communication between the swamper and the operator in this project with limited visibility, Reaction utilized additional spotters to instruct the operator on a safe installation. The Reaction operator assigned to this project was able to make fine tuned adjustments to the pile installation while staying safely placed on a platform away from the open excavation. Through hard work and a team effort, the project was completed on time and, most importantly, without putting anyone in danger.

Project Details

St. Albert, AB