Saprae Creek Pre-Engineered Building

Part of the Reaction team is our in-house engineering. We can provide clients with everything from design build project solutions to complete load testing packages. One of our projects required load testing to help verify the pile design with physical data. Reaction has completed many load tests of various sizes depending on the various project requirements. For this project, Reaction was hired to provide a screw pile design and install package along with a pile load test complete with an engineering report. Through the completion of the load test, Reaction was able to verify the screw pile design and provide field data proving the piles supported the loads required.

With the load test complete, Reaction proceeded with the installation and provided an extra level of confidence to the client that the foundation was more than adequate for the structure it was supporting. Reaction crews worked hard, utilizing pre-drilling to help penetrate the hard, frozen ground in Fort McMurray. When the project was completed, Reaction provided a comprehensive turn over package to the client including all install data, safety documentation, complete engineering reports and building schedules.

Project Details

Fort McMurray, AB